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  • Sebastian Witowski

    Sebastian Witowski

    Python consultant, freelancer, and trainer at switowski.com. Writes about productivity, tools, Python, and programming best practices.

  • Pranjal Bhatnagar

    Pranjal Bhatnagar

  • Matthew MacDonald

    Matthew MacDonald

    Teacher, coder, long-ago Microsoft MVP. Author of heavy books. Join Young Coder for a creative take on science and technology. Queries: matthew@prosetech.com

  • Thomas Kjær-Rasmussen

    Thomas Kjær-Rasmussen

    I love anything JS and sometimes write about it

  • Brennan D Baraban

    Brennan D Baraban

    Lead Software Engineer at Einstein Studios

  • Daniel Tooke

    Daniel Tooke

    Software Engineer at Talent.io

  • Sergey Piterman

    Sergey Piterman

    Technical Solutions Consultant @Google. Software Engineer @Outco. Content Creator. Youtube @ bit.ly/sergey-youtube. IG: @sergey.piterman. Linkedin: @spiterman

  • Preslav Rachev

    Preslav Rachev

    I am a genuinely curious individual on a mission to help digital creators and startups realize their vision. Follow my journey: https://preslav.me

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