How to auto create MRs in Gitlab

(Optional) Git Feature Branches

Gitlab Workflow


Gitlab Auto MR

- pre

stage: pre
- master
- tags
- gitlab_auto_mr -t master -c WIP -d .gitlab/merge_request_templates/ -r -s --use-issue-name
# Description

<!-- please include a summary of the change and which issue is fixed. Please also include relevant motivation and context. List any dependencies that are required for this change. -->

## Type

- [ ] Bug Fix
- [ ] Improvement
- [ ] New Feature

Fixes #<!-- Issue Number -->
  • -r: Will remove the source branch (our feature branch) after the MR has been approved
  • -s: Will squash our commits into a single commit, so each feature branch will appear as a single commit onto the master branch
  • --use-issue-name: If set and you do something like feature/#6 it will search for the issue with id 6 and pull information from there like labels and milestones etc. It will then assign those to this MR, an example of this can be seen with MR here where the issue #211 is here





Software Engineer | Pythonista | Typescripter | Docker Advocate |

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Haseeb Majid

Haseeb Majid

Software Engineer | Pythonista | Typescripter | Docker Advocate |

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