How to auto create MRs in Gitlab

In this article, we will go over how we can use the gitlab-auto-mr CLI script I wrote to help automate your Gitlab workflow. This is a very simple script you can use with Gitlab which will auto-create merge requests (MRs) every time you create a new branch on a project in Gitlab.

(Optional) Git Feature Branches

Gitlab Workflow
Gitlab Workflow


Gitlab Auto MR

I created a simple CLI script, that I run during on Gitlab CI, which will auto-create merge requests every time you create a new branch. So you could have something like this:

- pre

stage: pre
- master
- tags
- gitlab_auto_mr -t master -c WIP -d .gitlab/merge_request_templates/ -r -s --use-issue-name
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  • -s: Will squash our commits into a single commit, so each feature branch will appear as a single commit onto the master branch
  • --use-issue-name: If set and you do something like feature/#6 it will search for the issue with id 6 and pull information from there like labels and milestones etc. It will then assign those to this MR, an example of this can be seen with MR here where the issue #211 is here


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